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Atmosphere & Design

Escondite has become a recognizable brand due to everything from the Mexican pop culture references that adorn the walls as well as the stylized menu filled with delicious food and drink options.

Unique Experience

By popping up an Escondite in a new area, the community will benefit from a unique experience of Mexican flavours as well as a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Superior Hospitality

Decades ago, when the service industry was family-run, eating at the local shop was about catching up with friends, enjoying great food, and hanging out.

The concept

Colourful walls decorated with sugar skulls, luchadors, cacti and other images from the region which all transport you to the streets of mexico.

Food & Quality

Escondite indulges the senses from sight and smell to sound and appetite. Escondite is an in-house dining space that makes healthy food an accessible lifestyle.

Quality Products

Escondite restaurants offer a gourmet experience at accessible pricing without compromising on the quality of products. By developing a menu that balances nutritious ingredients and bold flavours, guests enjoy elevated food with a fast casual ambience.

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